Our Vision: Live Well & Thrive

The vision of Well Beyond is to restore our connection to Spirit, the Ultimate Healer, so that we may receive our many blessings.

Merry Witty's focus, and dreams for people, is that they receive healing and understanding in many areas beyond the physical, to assist and move well beyond traditional limitations.

By restoring balance and homeostasis, each person can live in the fullness of their life, dreams and health: creating healing of body, mind, spirit and soul. With balance, freedom of movement, and abundant health, people have more choice. Choice is Freedom, Freedom Leads to Liberty.

                            MERRY WITTY

                           MERRY WITTY

Merry Witty is the principal of Well Beyond, infusing her practice with skill, knowledge, wisdom, humor and compassion.

Merry has been practicing healing arts for more than three decades. She is a trained and certified practitioner in multiple alternative healing modalities, and maintains a strong working knowledge of biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Circles of Life-Geotran.

She works with clients of all ages, and has a special gift and love for working with infants and children.

Born in Salida, Merry is a third-generation native Coloradan. One of 10 children, she now has two grown children and a grandson of her own. Her unique vision, commitment and extensive training make her a rare and cherished asset to the Boulder community.

Chelsea Patti is a certified Circles of Life practitioner.

She has extensive knowledge of the Circles of Life coursework and specializes in Gems of Excellence, Solutions and Alternatives integrations. Through this work, her goal is to restore choice and allow people to realize their dreams.

Chelsea has been attending Circles of Life workshops since the age of 14, and has been practicing this work for more than a decade. She attends trainings quarterly with Dorothy Espiau, giving her a working knowledge of the most up-to-date coursework. Currently, she offers integrations and assists Merry in teaching Circles of Life classes and workshops through Well Beyond.