Circles of Life - GeoTran - Gems of Excellence - Boulder / Denver

A student of Dorothy Espiau and certified Circles of Life/Geotran instructor and practitioner, Merry Witty has been using this work with her clients since 1994. She regularly teaches Gems of Excellence classes and workshops in Boulder, CO and other locations.

She is assisted by Chelsea Patti.

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The Mathematics of Creation. The Language of All Possibility.

Developed over nearly four decades by Dorothy Wood Espiau, the Circles of LIfe program represents a unique and powerful breakthrough in brain re-education. Based on the language of GEOTRAN™,  it is a dynamic method for integrating Body, Mind and Spirit to bring about rapid transformation.

Geotran is a digital, numeric and geometric language that speaks directly to your “in-form-ation” (or memory) fields, to help you break free of old patterns and behaviors. With Geotran, these information fields, which hold the record of who you are and what your potential is, can be reprogrammed and reinformed, enabling you to live your life to its fullest possibilities.

By using the language of Geotran, Gems of Excellence and other Circles of Life programs can help you overcome momentary setbacks and stumbling blocks, achieve your personal goals, find harmony and balance, recover from trauma, and more. As a tool for rapid, personal transformation, it can help you transcend current limitations so you can live a life of choice, as the you you want to be.

This work can help with recovery from accidents, disease or trauma, managing personal, professional or learning stress, overcoming fears, anxiety or phobias, ridding yourself of limiting beliefs, transforming the way you view  yourself and others... and much, much more.  

Circles of LIfe programs include: 

  • GEMS OF EXCELLENCE:  Allows one to integrate the Brain, Mind, Will and Field to restore and re-educate the correct programs and RESTORES HUMAN CHOICES
  • ALTERNATIVES:  Creates new pathways to allow God to be in you.  CREATES UNIFICATION.
  • CONCEPTS:  Restores your correct Life Plan. Allows you to give BIRTH TO YOUR IDEALS.
  • DETERMINATIONS:   Delivers You to You.  Allows You to re-choose THE AUTHENTIC YOU.
  • CHOICES:  Allows Triumphant Living.  Restores CHOICE. You must allow others their choice at this level.  I AM YOU ARE.
  • SOLUTIONS:  Restores new energy by clearing imprints and contaminations from others.  PUTS YOUR LIFE ON SOLID GROUND.

"What is a field? It is magnetic communication. It is the place where Source (God) imprints the Will and the Future of the whole of humanity. It is the information that gives form to all that you are or do."   - Dorothy Espiau