igolu is a movement dedicated to those committed to the highest good within themselves while supporting the highest good in others.

igolu (pronounced I-Goal-you) is a body of innovative communication, vision, goal-setting and leadership training founded on the understanding that people need a vision in order to fully realize and manifest their dreams. Rather than relating to people based on personality, likes and dislikes, achievements and failures, igolu shows you how to "goal" others based on possibility, accountability and fun.

igolu was developed by Susanne Conrad, a renowned communication advisor who has worked with companies and individuals for over 25 years, helping them improve their interpersonal and business skills to achieve happier personal and professional lives.  Learn more about Susanne and the igolu movement here.

Getting Started with igolu

Merry Witty has studied directly with igolu founder Susanne Conrad and is a certified igolu Level One leader. She is currently working towards completion of her igolu Level Two certification.

igolu Level One is designed to empower you to create the personal legacy you want to leave in the world. You will gain the tools to design your own unique legacy, to choose how you respond to situations in your life, to support your legacy through your vision and goals, and to recognize the power, and responsibility, of your words.

At Level One, participants discover who they are as well as their own unique gifts. igolu Level Two builds upon the skills and revelations developed in Level One to help you become a more integrated leader.

igolu Level Two participants take on a project that requires them to surpass typical expectations while learning new ways to fulfill their role in the world.  You will gain the tools to successfully manage projects, restore yourself from common downward spirals, and understand your unique contribution in the natural cycle of project management.

Participants become better listeners, learn to make greater, more positive impacts on relationships, and create their own unique vision and goals for their lives.

CONTACT MERRY to learn more about igolu and get started today.