Cranial Sacral Therapy - Infants and Children - Boulder

Merry Witty has been working with infants, toddlers, children and teenagers for more than 25 years. 

With a special gift for working with little ones, she gently uses the techniques of Cranial Sacral Therapy, Visceral Manipulation and Geotran to help infants and children ease into their bodies and beings.  

All of the work is soft, gentle and non-invasive. 

She has seen thousands of children over the years, helping them to find balance, connection, comfort and ease inside of themselves and their body.   

Some of the conditions Merry can help with include:

  • Birth Trauma: difficult births, such as long labors, fast births, C-sections, forceps, vacuum extraction, etc.

  • Digestive Difficulties:  colic, excessive spitting up, reflux, constipation, diarrhea etc.

  • Sleep Issues: infants who have a hard time sleeping or staying asleep; settling so they really rest.

  • Nursing Issues:  difficulty latching on, weak suckling, wanting to nurse on one side only, etc.

  • Fussy and Crying:  colic, digestive difficulties, eating and food issues, allergies, neck stiffness, head pain, belly pain from birth, and simply learning how to be in the world. 

  • Falls: Toddlers tumble and fall all the time. Sometimes these falls, while not serious, can knock them out of balance. When this happens, they just don’t seems like themselves.

How it Works

Using a combination of skilled techniques, Merry identifies stuck, out-of-balance places and gently brings ease to those places.

Let’s take digestive difficulties. 

Often during birth, the occiput (the bottom bone of the head), and atlas (the top bone of the neck), becomes compressed, leaving insufficient space in between for the 10th Cranial nerve (the Vegas Nerve) to pass. The Vegas nerve is a critical accessory nerve to the whole digestive system. Freeing this nerve can ease many things in the digestive system.

There are many others techniques that Merry Witty uses for the digestive system, and other ways babies can be out of balance. All of these techniques are extremely helpful.

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