The Ion Cleanse detoxifies the physical bodies and energy bodies. It is fast, effective and works more efficiently than herbal or fasting protocols, with little or no stress on the body.  

We all hold toxins in our bodies. whether symptoms are present or not. The Ion Cleanse provides a comfortable and relaxing way to rid the body and energy bodies of toxins, promoting healing.

Who Will Benefit from an Ion Cleanse?

While the full body cleansing and detoxing of the Ion Cleanse would benefit nearly everyone, those most likely to notice immediate benefits include:

  •     Athletes who need to quickly rid their bodies of lactic acid  
  •     Children and teens seeking to overcome ADD/ADHD
  •     Persons recovering from accidents
  •     Anyone with low energy
  •     Anyone seeking to reverse the effects of aging and slow the aging process
  •     Persons suffering from Arthritis 
  •     Allergy sufferers  
  •     Anyone in Pain
  •     Anyone under severe stress, or suffering from fatigue or burnout

It takes about 30 minutes, soaking ones feet in warm water. Toxins from all different areas of the body are released into the water, which changes to different colors and textures.

Some people who have done Ion Cleanses have noticed immediate relief from joint pain, an improvement in allergy symptoms, an overall sense of well being, pain relief, clear energy and a more grounded feeling.

It can also be used with dogs who are experiencing joint pain or digestive problems.

At Well Beyond, we offer the Ion Cleanse for $30 per session. Save even more with our special bundled offer of four Ion Cleanse sessions for the reduced rate of $100. CONTACT US to schedule an appointment today.