Merry Witty and Chelsea Patti regularly teach Circles of Life/Gems of Excellence classes, introductions and free demonstrations in Boulder, Colorado and other locations.

View the calendar below for upcoming courses and workshops. Classes are held in Boulder, unless otherwise noted. Private intensives are also available. Contact Merry for more information or to register.

 Circles of Life - GeoTran - Gems of Excellence - Classes - Boulder - Denver

Upcoming Workshops   


Intro to Gems of Excellence  ($35)    

  Saturday March 24, 2018           10:00 am - 12pm        Boulder, Colorado            RSVP 

  Saturday April 14, 2018              10:00am - 12pm         Boulder, Colorado            RSVP   

Gems of Excellence l    ($395)                 

          April 27 - 29, 2018                        Boulder, Colorado               CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO & TO REGISTER

Gems of Excellence ll   ($395)                

                              June 29 - July 1, 2018                   Boulder, Colorado                CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO & TO REGISTER